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Divorce Dilemma Guide
  • Divorce Dilemma Guide

    Discover the empowering roadmap to navigate hard divorce decisions with confidence and clarity. This 34-page guide is designed to help you make informed choices about buying out your ex or embracing a fresh start by selling your family home, along with other key decisions that come up in the divorce process.


    Divorce is hard on many levels and the emotional exhaustion can be overwhelming. This guide walks you through key real estate and financial decisions you have to make during the divorce process and also invites you to consider the future you want for yourself and how to lay the groundwork to make that future a reality. 


    I designed this guide after going through my own divorce and learning a few things the hard way because I didn't have a trusted advisor when making key financial decisions. I don't want others to go through the same thing so I put all my lessons learned into this guide. I also built a network of trusted referral partners for handling all aspects of divorce and want others going through to feel educated, empowered and fully supported through this very big life transition. 

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      A Course for Real Estate Agents

      Looking to focus your real estate business in the divorce niche? My Divorce Niche Masterclass is a step-by-step guide to becoming a divorce real estate expert and serving this unique client base.  Get the details on how this specialization can transform your business and learn why other agents are making the shift ---> 

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